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2016 ASQ WCQI Best Ever!

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It was a great conference this year, mainly because of the keynote speakers and the member interactions at the Human Development and Leadership Booth.  Liz Wiseman was my favorite and Brian Little left us ROTFL.  And oh yes, our workshop – Partnering with Quality was a wonderful experience! So many people are interested in exploring […]

2014 Quality Cruise for Professional Development is History!

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The 2014 Quality Cruise for Professional Development is history!  The 20+ participants took part in sessions based on leadership skill development including change management, conflict management, motivation, profound knowledge, coaching and mentoring, and problem solving. The mix of fun in the Caribbean Ports of Cozumel, Grand Cayman and Jamaica; professional networking and personal development made for […]

Quality Cruise for Professional Development

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I am so excited that the ASQ Quality Cruise for Professional development is a go! We will cruise the Caribbean on RCL Navigator of the Sea and hold the conference on “at sea” days! As the Program manager, I am responsible for organizing the speakers and the topics. The theme will be Leadership and will […]

Desert Island Tool #3

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Box and Whisker Plot. Right in the middle of my top 5 Desert Island Tools is one of the most illustrative and simple graphs available to an analyst. The box and whisker plot reveals center, spread, shape and outliers. It can be used to stratify a data set and demonstrate differences in one or more levels […]

Desert Island Tool #4

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Scatter Diagram. The visual nature of the scatter diagram makes it a shoe-in for use on my Desert Island. Not only does the shape of the scatter illustrate relationship strength and direction, but it allows for the identification of outliers. Outliers can be the most informative part of a data set. If you understand why […]

Desert Island Tool #5

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The Quality Function Deployment (QFD) Matrix. I love this tool for its versatility. You can dial the technical application of the QFD up or down depending on the need. At its most basic, you can use the matrix part of the QFD to understand how customer requirements correlate with your product or service offerings, or […]

My Desert Island Tools

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What if there was a Survivor-type island for quality professionals? You could practice quality improvement, but you could only bring 5 quality tools to use in the improvement work. What a delicious dilemma! Think of all the quality tools you have accessed in the past year. Which are the workhorses? Which ones could you absolutely […]

Lean Thoughts

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Welcome to my blog. I am passionate about my work in quality improvement and eager to share with all of you my random thoughts about the tools, techniques and theories that make up my practice. I will also open the door to the random thoughts of my network of impressive quality experts through interviews and […]